Family Dental Care: 5 Family-Friendly Reasons To Visit A Dentist

It sounds like a time to change your family dentist if you and your loved ones are sick of making multiple trips to different clinics for dental care. Family dental care, in contrast to general dentistry, which caters to patients of a specific age range, treats patients of all ages.

Family dentists are well-versed in the developmental changes that occur in children's teeth, and they are also sensitive to the anxiety that some kids feel about dental visits. Family dentists take a more relaxed approach to dental care in the hopes that their young patients will form lifelong positive associations with dental visits and good oral hygiene practices.

Here are five reasons to pick your family dentist.

There are five main reasons why families should seek out a family dentistry practice when looking for a dentist in Medford: 

1. Streamlined dental care

When everyone in the family has a full schedule due to work, school, or extracurricular activities, it can be a hassle to drive them all to their respective dentists in different parts of town. Choosing to have all of your family dental care needs met at once by a family dentist is a wise decision. It's more convenient to schedule everyone in the household for their regular cleanings at the same time. The patient-provider relationship is simplified and continuity of care is provided when the same dentist is used from childhood into adulthood.

2. Increased Range of services

Due to the wide range of patients requiring family dental care, many practices offer additional services. Teenagers may get an orthodontic evaluation, while those over 65 may learn about tooth loss options. Whitening your teeth and other cosmetic procedures may be available. If it's crucial that everyone in the family can get the care they need for their age-related dental issues, a family dentist can usually help.


3. A centralized database of dental records

There are different stages of oral health and tooth development, even though dental hygiene practices are generally the same across the lifespan. Changing pediatric dentists to teen dentist multiple times can be a bit of a hassle for families with multiple children due to the different needs of each age group in terms of records, imaging, and patient files. It's more convenient to establish a long-term relationship with a single dentist who can manage all of the family dental care needs. As the patient's dental record and medical history are kept in a single place, important details are less likely to get lost in the shuffle.

4. A unified approach to dental health

It can be difficult to persuade children and teenagers to practice good hygiene, but family trips to the dentist provide parents with an opportunity to lead by example. Younger children gain confidence in dental care when they observe their parents receiving it from the same dentist. This reinforces the importance of good oral hygiene and increases the likelihood that a child will adopt similar practices.

5. Simplified billing

Insurance claims and payments can be made more quickly if you stick with the same dentist. It can be a pain to try to keep track of which providers are in-network or which services are covered by which plans when you have multiple providers. The cost of dental care is easier to understand when everyone in the family goes to the same dentist.


Appointments with your family dentist can assist you in being able to prioritize dental care. Services are available for people of all ages, making good oral health a family affair.

At Dental Delights, we provide advanced, restorative dental care that is also gentle on your teeth and gums. To achieve ideal oral health, they offer comprehensive treatment planning and employ restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

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