Importance Of A Missing Teeth Treatment

Missing a tooth is not fun, practically or cosmetically. Gaps in your teeth can make you uncomfortable or embarrassed in social situations. While lacking elegance, having a missing tooth can also harm your dental health, which is why a missing teeth treatment is essential. Even if you are missing a tooth at the back of your mouth where it will not be so noticeable when you smile, it could lead to a cascade of health issues you may not be aware of.

What Happens If You Do Not Get Missing Teeth Treatment?

Missing one or several teeth can have a lasting impact on your day-to-day life and oral health. Here is what happens if you do not get missing teeth treatment.

Difficulty in Speaking and Eating

A missing tooth can inhibit the normal mechanics of eating; it also causes speech difficulties as your tongue needs to touch your teeth in a certain way when you talk to produce the correct sounds. When you miss a tooth, you may find it harder to create the right sound resulting in a lisp that may be cute in childhood but not so much as you grow older. As missing teeth also play a crucial role in breaking down the food to draw out all nutritional value from it.

Your Teeth Can Become Misaligned

Losing a tooth can result in gaps in your teeth. Neighboring teeth will naturally shift from their original location and try to fill the gap. This misalignment results in stress on the jawbone and impaired chewing. Having gaps in your teeth can also keep the teeth from lining up right and cause them to lose their stability and become loose. This also puts your teeth at risk for gum diseases and tooth decay as the teeth become difficult to clean.


Your Face Can Change

Your jawbone maintains its strength and stability with the constant stimulation of teeth. Every aspect of your face is intertwined, and losing a tooth can cause a shift in your jawline and potentially cause your face to look older. Avoiding missing teeth treatment can also cause the deterioration of bone and muscles in the jaw, causing it to droop. Replacing a tooth with the help of implant-supported dentures can help your teeth stay in place and ensure your face doesn’t undergo any drastic changes.

TMJ Disorder

The muscles at the side of your head are known as temporomandibular muscles, and they help you chew and rotate your jaw. Any changes in these muscles, like a missing tooth, can result in much pain and cause TMJ disorder if the missing tooth is not replaced on time.

Why Should You Get Missing Teeth Treatment?

Missing teeth treatment can help you.

·        Look younger, as it will help prevent the sagging of your face and maintains the structure of your jaw.

·        It allows you to enjoy all of your favourite foods as you will be able to chew naturally.

·        Missing teeth treatment helps you enhance your smile and improve your speech. Implant-retained dentures can help you maintain your natural smile and keeps all the teeth where they need to be.

·        Implant-supported dentures help improve your overall health, as a strong jawbone can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

·        Replacing your missing tooth can help you maintain your natural look and smile, letting you step out in confidence.

Common Treatments for Missing Teeth

Dental Implants

A dental implant has small titanium roots that are surgically inserted into your jaw. These then fuse with the jawbone as it heals. Such implants can reestablish the connection of your lost tooth and stimulate your jawbone and gums, keeping them healthy for longer. You can also get an abutment covered with a strong prosthetic tooth like a dental crown. This is one of the ideal treatments for missing teeth.

Dental Bridges

This row of artificial teeth can help replace one or more teeth as they are cemented to the remaining teeth on either side of the missing tooth.


These entire rows of teeth are removable and can be attached to your lower or upper jaw.

Knowing your options for missing teeth treatment can help you make the best decision for yourself. Book an appointment with dental delights for more information and quality dental treatment.

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